Featured as large surface area and high content of patented specially zeolite, Rezel-MGO catalyst specifically designed to increase gasoline yields on FCCU. This product can deliver noticeable value while also providing a remarkable improvement in gasoline octane number. Rezel-MGO is favorable to refiners seeking maximum liquid volume from their VGO/HT-VGO feedstocks in FCC units.

Based on the deep understanding that reaction mechanism on alkylation and isomerization happened in catalytic cracking can yield clean, high-octane naphtha, Rezel has developed a high SAR Y-zeolite, providing excellent stability and enhanced gasoline octane by more isomerization than cracking catalytically towards, and then, more branching of the longer-chain FCC naphtha components increasing octane with minimum conversion of gasoline to LPG. The iso-paraffins that also contribute to octane are being affected at least at the same time.

Rezel-MGO catalyst was found to have the highest activity among the samples globally and is recommending to a major refinery in South East Asia as the best catalyst for gasoline yield after evaluated by an industrial leading laboratory in Greece in 2012.

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