With its unique design, Rezel-ELO catalysts maximize propylene production by minimizing unwanted secondary cracking and maximizing selectivity of propylene. It can increase propylene production no matter what the quality the feedstock is, from light gas oils to heavy residues including wax oil, wax oil blended with residue, CGO, DAO and AR.

The unique catalyst design optimized balance between micro, meso and macro-pore structures, the proprietary zeolites technology of Rezel-ELO catalysts maximize the conversion of the feed molecules to gasoline olefins precursors, maximize the subsequent cracking of the precursors to propylene and minimize the undesirable competing reactions that consume the propylene precursors.

Not only applied for DCCU in VGO and residue cracking, Rezel-ELO can also be formulated for FCCU to boost propylene and even Isobutylene yield.

The commercial application in the DCC unit of a major Refinery in Northwest India shows significant increase in propylene yields and good hydrothermal stability and satisfied heavy oil conversion ability.

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