Addressing the different mechanisms of metals resistance and dry-gas/coke formation, Rezel-HMR catalysts improve the profit potential of FCCU and enable refiners to operate at higher metal levels or at higher severities while upgrading more heavy feed or bottoms to valuable products.

Metal trapping technologies in Rezel-HMR Catalysts reduce the vanadium mobility greatly and protect the zeolite from destruction, and thus enable the high-level-stability of zeolite. This technology reduces metals coke and hydrogen influence by nickel with minimal dehydrogenation, the combination of higher activity zeolite enhanced catalytic cracking over thermal cracking, which also reduces the kinetic coke and dry gas make.

Designated as high activity Y-catalysts, Rezel-HMR catalysts were evaluated on ACE unit by a global FCCU licenser in 2013 and reached the agreement of having a high activity and high metal tolerance and are suitable for heavy feed.

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