Research & Development


Research & Development

Supporting Rezel’s vision, as a market driven, leading global process and specialized catalysts company, Rezel’s R&D center is focused on providing the maximum Performance Driven Value to our customers.

Through development of new products and extensive technical service support, Rezel’s R&D center continues to improve upon Rezel’s current technologies while developing solutions to solve future refining and petrochemical industry challenges.

Rezel’s globally experienced research and development team brings a rich background in refining and petrochemical technologies. Highly skilled and creative chemists, chemical engineers and technicians are supported by the latest analytical equipment, close relationships with our customers’ laboratories, industry leaders, universities, and technology institutes.

With the relocation and opening of Rezel’s new R&D laboratory, and the addition of new global standard development tools, Rezel will be able to further addresses the future challenges of the refining and petrochemical industry, from increasingly heavy FCC feedstocks, more restrictive fuel standards and environmental emissions regulations, and a global shift from fossil fuels to petrochemicals.

Some of the specific areas we are focusing on include resid cracking and petrochemical feedstocks maximization from high severity FCC unit designs, our propylene and butylene dehydrogenation processes and catalysts, and MTO catalysts technologies – all areas where Rezel holds numerous process and catalyst patents

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