Higher quantity of valuable products is the goal of every refiner processing heavy residue feedstock. In case of heavy residue processing, RFCC units suffer limits in diffusion constraints, conversion and bottoms upgrading. The total product value and profitability are compromised as a result of the inevitable mass transfer limitations.

Rezel manufacturing technologies give UHR catalysts unique diffusivity characteristics for large molecules. This enhanced catalyst accessibility increased the stability by counteracting the effect of the pore blocking caused by coke deposition during residue processing. Rezel-UHR residue FCC catalyst takes advantage of Rezel matrix technology and further optimized for units requiring better coke selectivity and delivered lower bottoms yield and higher LCO production, processing of more residue. The superb catalyst activity and stability enhance cracking and reduced hydrogen transfer, which results in increased liquid yield.

Rezel-UHR FCC Catalysts are widely used in many independent refinieries in China.

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