Rezel provides a series of highly effective Sulfur Adsorbents:

Rezel-SUR-1 additive is widely applied in H2S low temperature removal from refinery dry gas, LPG. Beside gas application.

Rezel-SUR-2 can also be used in H2S normal temperature removal from light naphtha and solvent oil.

Rezel-SUR-3 is suitable for H2S normal temperature removal from gas stream in natural gas field, oil field and even power plant application.

Rezel-SUR-4 is designed for high temperature application of sulfur removal from NG, LPG, naphtha hydrogenation process and mid-high temperature shift process in ammonia synthesize.

Rezel-SUR-5 meets the deep sulfur removal requirement for NG, refinery gas, synthesize gas light olefins at normal temperature.

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