Rezel PDH catalysts are used in the petrochemical industry to produce propylene, n-butylene and i-butylene from light paraffins using the dehydrogenation technologies, and also from butylene to butadiene. Rezel dehydrogenation technology and catalyst correspond to a reliable production process for on-purpose olefins/butadiene production.

New generations of catalysts with significant performance improvement have been commercialized successfully in the last year. Rezel dehydrogenation catalyst offers superior selectivity and on-stream efficiency. Increasing production capacity for our proprietary, high-performance catalysts is an important part of customer’s growth strategy to capture opportunities driven by shale gas development which creates significant need for on-purpose olefin production.

Rezel PDH catalyst reached over 45% in single pass conversion, over 84% in propylene yield for the propane dehydrogenation and the catalyst loss is below 4 Kg per metric tons of propylene product. For iso-butane dehydrogenation, the single pass conversion can even reach as high as 52% with the unbelievable product selectivity of 85% and under the same low level catalyst consumption.

Rezel's commercialized PDH process technology, PropeNEXT™, and novel catalysts are providing maximum value with superior yields, the lowest investment and operating cost, and fastest payback among other existing technologies.

Rezel has licensed several of their own PDH unit designs and replaced historical catalyst suppliers in PDH processes licensed by others. Rezel's novel process and catalysts are presented and compared with other options, and commercial performance comparisons are provided.

Based on our own fixed bed process patents, Rezel also now offers a fixed bed PDH process - ReFIX-Pro with CAPEX and OPEX advantages similar to our fluidized bed process.

Rezel's dehydrogenation processes can be run in propane dehydrogenation mode, butane dehydrogenation mode, or mixed stream mode.

Rezel holds patents for, and manufactures catalysts for all three unit types including our own patented fluidized bed process, PropeNEXT™, fixed bed process, ReFIX-Pro, catalysts for other fluidized bed, fixed bed, and moving bed processes.

Rezel PDH technologies meet the growing petrochemical demand and help refineries make on-purpose propylene and ethylene more economically compared to other options. With high performance process and catalyst technologies, supported by a strong engineering team able to provide full range EPC services, Rezel provides maximum Performance Driven Value™ to support our customers' and partners' long-term sustainability.

Rezel PDH catalysts including:

Rezel-FXB is a chromium on alumina based extrudate catalyst with additional proprietary chemistry, designed for fixed bed PDH processes including Rezel's own fixed bed process, ReFIX-Pro™, and other competing processes.

Rezel-MXB, a patented platinum based catalyst employing proprietary metals on a specialty alumina matrix base, designed for moving bed dehydrogenation.

Rezel-FLB is a chromium on alumina based microspheroidal catalyst designed for circulating fluidized bed PDH processes including Rezel's own process technology, PropeNEXT™ and others.

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