Based on years of in-depth research in methanol-to-gasoline and naphtha-to-gasoline, Rezel has developed a process technology and catalyst for the co-catalytic production of high-octane gasoline from methanol and naphtha (MNTG). Methanol and naphtha undergo aromatization, alkylation, and isomerization reactions over a proprietary MNTG catalysts, which increases gasoline RON and reduces benzene in the gasoline product. This technology balances the exothermic reaction of methanol-to-gasoline and the endothermic reaction of naphtha-to-gasoline, forming a relatively constant temperature state throughout the fixed-bed reactor.
Rezel’s patented catalyst is based on metal-modified nanocrystalline ZSM-5 zeolite and β zeolite, which improves aromatization, alkylation and isomerization reactions, promotes the diffusion of methanol and naphtha in zeolites, and inhibits the formation of coke during the reaction process.
Rezel-MNTG catalyst is suitable for the co-catalytic reaction of methanol and naphtha, which can significantly increase gasoline production and octane value. The catalyst also helps suppress the production of coke during the reaction process, which increases the catalyst life.
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