Rezel-ISO-N is used for naphtha isomerization, for example, in the UOP PENEX process to boost light naphtha octane. Light naphtha range n-C5 and n-C6 are converted to higher octane isopentane and di-methyl butanes. Recycling n-hexane, methyl pentane, saturated benzene, and naphthene further increases octane.

Rezel-ISO-N is a Pt on chlorinated alumina catalyst. Rezel-ISO-N provides the highest activity, conversion, and octane number compared to other isomerization catalysts, the best available resistance to feed contaminants such as oxygen, water, and sulfur, and functions at a lower temperature (120 – 180 ºC).

Rezel-ISO-N provides the highest RON and a long cycle length, up to 12 years.

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