Rezel-IPN catalyst can be applied in C4, C5, C6 isomerization units. Reactions taking place include skeletal isomerization, ring opening (naphthenics), and aromatics (benzene) hydrogenation. The ION catalyst has molecular sieves acting as the carrier, and platinum or alumina as the active component. It is suitable for process with reaction temperature between 130 to 170℃ and reaction pressure from 1.7 to 1.8 MPa. The isomerization ratio of C5 can be as high as 76%. IPN catalyst from Rezel has more than five successful applications since the commercialization.

Zeolite based isomerization catalysts are less active and used at higher operating temperature compared to chlorinated-alumina based catalysts and sulfated metal oxides based catalysts. Consequently the octane number of isomerizes is low. However this catalyst has high resistance to impurities in the feed and capability for total regeneration in the reactor of the unit. It is necessary high ratio of hydrogen to hydrocarbon feed.

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