Refineries worldwide are adopting ever more stringent regulation on the levels of SOx emissions from FCCUs. Rezel-DSX additives are added directly to the FCC catalyst inventory where they reduce sulfur oxides in the regenerator flue gas and release hydrogen sulfide in the riser with FCC dry gas and usually being handled by existing sulfur recovery facilities.
Rezel-DSX additives have been developed to removing SOx from the FCC flue gas in full burn, partial burn and two-stage regenerators. These additives are based upon modified spinel-structure metal composite oxides that maximize the accessibility of sulfur containing regenerator flue gases to the reactive compound in the additive. The high performance additive based on the state-of-the-art technologies and has been proven commercially to be the most effective additives in the marketplace. Our SOx additives can easily achieve and maintain SOx reduction levels of over 90% with no negative impact on unit operation yields, or process equipment.

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