Rezel makes fixed bed and CCR reforming catalyst, Rezel has 5 references for reforming users and the list is growing. CCR catalyst is designed for use in continuous regeneration reforming applications across the full range of operating pressures. Rezel-CCR catalyst is suitable for applications such as C5+ for motor fuel, aromatics for BTX and its side product is high purity hydrogen, it has good stability and low coke make.


With stable surface area, high chloride retention, good hydrothermal stability, long catalyst life and low attrition, Rezel-CCR has references in various sites. Rezel-CCR catalyst can be supplied in reduced form as reduction provides the fastest start-up and on-spec production, it can also be supplied in oxide form to do change out on-the-fly to reduce the change out cost.


Rezel-CCR can be supplied in low or normal platinum content depending on the feedstock properties, and it has relatively higher activity even with low platinum content. Based on our benchmarking studies comparing Rezel-CCR with another industrial leading CCR catalyst, Rezel-CCR is >1.8% higher in toulene selectivity and >3.5% in BTX yield.

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