Since the introduction of the revolutionary fluid-bed catalyst system for the manufacture of acrylonitrile, Rezel-ACR catalyst is the industrial ideal choice of acrylonitrile catalytic synthesis, the basic monomer for the production of two major polymers: acrylic fibers and Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene.

Rezel-ACR catalyst technologies were introduced from US and over 30 overseas application records showing these catalysts have been able to achieve increased plant capacity through a simple catalyst change-out, without the need for reactor or other hardware modifications based on a high activity, high throughput catalyst. One of the characteristics of the catalyst is mechanical strength, resulting in a lower catalyst loss.

Primary attributes of Rezel-ACR catalyst technology include:

• High AN yields

• High co-product HCN yield

• High propylene conversion

• Stable performance and operational flexibility

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