Adsorbents & Molecular Sieves


Adsorbents & Molecular Sieves

In the treatment of hydrocarbons, Rezel has a wide product portfolio in sulfur, chloride and arsenic deep removal. These environmental friendly absorbents are widely used in different temperature and pressure and for gas and liquid application for natural gas, refinery dry gas, liquid petroleum gas, oil product, waste water and gas treatment in refinery, petrochemical and flue gas treatment in power plant. In many catalytic application, Rezel absorbent also play as a guard to the precious catalyst as pretreatment for the feedstock. 


Rezel has been engaged in the developing of chemical additives for refining industry for decades. Rezel combustion promoter, metal passivitor and slurry scale inhibitor are all widely used in FCC process of refineries. Rezel hydrogenation inhibitor, neutral corrosion inhibitor and chemical lotion are specially designed for the whole process of refining. 


Our Absorbents and Additives product including:

Removal of mercury from natural gas, flue gas, naphtha and water.
Oxygen molecular sieve for PSA oxygen generators and micro-oxygen generators
A new type X molecular sieve used for PSA industrial oxygen generation and medical central oxygen supply systems
A lithium based molecular sieve, widely used in oxygen concentrators
Molecular Sieves
Rezel Molecular Sieves products include 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X, Rezel adds proven value with specialized, high performance molecular sieve products.
Additives effectively remove sulfur from liquid and gas stream in different temperature
Additives effectively remove chloride from liquid and gas stream in different temperature
Additives effectively remove arsenic from hydrocarbons and protect downstream process
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